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Kate's Chocolates  
       Kate is hired as a chocolate taster,  then is fired
for putting on weight, she then takes the company to court
On Release
Kate's Chocolates Trailer
Small Heading


Screenplay by Len Evans & Ian Paterson

Produced by: Len Evans

Directed by: Ian Paterson 

Cameraman: Geoff Rippingale

Sound Recordist:  Marco Baldassarre

Make Up: Alanna Sadler

Edited by: Ian Paterson, Ami Paterson




Kate: Gabrielle Fritz

Ruth: Barka Thapa

Judge: Kimberley Palmer

Simon: Jones David Ellard

Mr. Brown: Simon Mitelman

Mr. Morris: David Helmy

Clerk: Roger Crunden

Reporter: Smith Lowe

John:  Kiernan Roberts

Producer: Martin Parnell




Extras: in Chocolate factory.  

Estelle Caupin,

Simon Osborne,

Christopher Dodd,

Tommaso  Bernardo


Extras: In Court 

John Price

Pete Robins

John Johnson

Nigel Price

David Anderson

Special thanks to-

R. Chocolates

The Star Pub

Staines Council

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