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An Outstanding Thriller  from   

 Screenplay by Kathleen A. Keithley

          Director Vic Armstrong

            Producer Len Evans

The Hatcher File

Tom Hatcher is a wanted man, dead or alive. 

Hunted by a crazed Colombian drug lord and hounded by 

rogue elements within MI6 and the DEA he has nowhere to turn and no one to trust.

The soldier of fortune finds himself in a desperate struggle for his life and a race against time to save the one person in the world he loves.

With no way to escape the circle tightening around him, 

Tom fights back.  The ex-soldier faces ruthless enemies who follow no rules 

of engagement and he can’t face them alone. But, who can he trust?  

Enemies become allies and friends become foes as he tries to unravel the web of 

deceit and intrigue that shields his adversaries.

Inspired by real life events, and set against an idyllic Caribbean backdrop, this spellbinding thriller is full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final thrilling conclusion.  

In Production
In Production
Populus Pictures
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