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The World Title is the ultimate prize for Bobby Stevens. Getting to the final was his big chance but for some reason he froze against Ray Carter and the match was almost a whitewash as Bobby could not pot another ball!
A few years later he's performing trickshots wearing a mask in small clubs and trying to move on but whatever stopped him potting in the final before has resurfaced. Through his struggles, he meets a young girl and her mother who help him tread the right path.
Does this lead to victory in the Jimmy White Invitational Tournament? Will he also find love along the way?
On Release
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The Jesus Trial

                                 The Synopsis
“The Jesus Trial” is the story of the arrest of Jesus of Nazareth 

and his subsequent trial in the Roman Court of Pontius Pilate. 

The story imagines how Jesus' destiny may have changed had 

he been given the chance to have a modern-day trial. 

We follow Joseph of Arimathea a high profile lawyer, who 

volunteers to defend Jesus of Nazareth who is charged 

with crimes that carry the death sentence. The vigorous 

defence of Jesus is waged by Joseph, a non-believer who 

becomes the voice for the man known as the Son of God.


Witnesses for the defence speak of the immaculate conception, 

miracles, the Magi, raising the dead and Jesus being the 

Son of God. What will the jury think of all this crazy talk?! 

Joseph struggles with how he will be able to provide the best 

defence for his client when he finds these stories impossible 

to believe himself. But as Joseph spends more time with Jesus, 

something begins to change within him. In the end Joseph 

understands what the Truth is and that the Truth is the only 

defence he can present.

 In Development

Populus Pictures (UK) Ltd

                         A KEVIN CONNOR FILM.

                              SCREENPLAY BY


                  MUSIC BY ROGER BELLON 

                    PRODUCER LEN EVANS

                 EDITED BY BARRY PETERS


    Populus Pictures (UK) Ltd

Kate's Chocolates
       Kate is hired as a chocolate taster,  then is fired
for putting on weight, she then takes the company to court

Screenplay by Len Evans & Ian Paterson

Produced by: Len Evans

Directed by: Ian Paterson 

Cameraman: Geoff Rippingale

Sound Recordist:  Marco Baldassarre

Make Up: Alanna Sadler

Edited by: Ian Paterson, Ami Paterson

On Release

 Screenplay by Kathleen A. Keithley

          Director Vic Armstrong

            Producer Len Evans

An Outstanding Thriller  from   
The Hatcher File

Tom Hatcher is a wanted man, dead or alive. 

Hunted by a crazed Colombian drug lord and hounded by 

rogue elements within MI6 and the DEA he has nowhere to turn and no one to trust.

The soldier of fortune finds himself in a desperate struggle for his life and a race against time to save the one person in the world he loves.

With no way to escape the circle tightening around him, 

Tom fights back.  The ex-soldier faces ruthless enemies who follow no rules 

of engagement and he can’t face them alone. But, who can he trust?  

Enemies become allies and friends become foes as he tries to unravel the web of 

deceit and intrigue that shields his adversaries.

Inspired by real life events, and set against an idyllic Caribbean backdrop, this spellbinding thriller is full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final thrilling conclusion.  

 In Development
Perfect Crime

A  band of talented crooks set out to rob a bank that's next door to the Gig they are playing.

They are all convinced it's the Perfect Crime, (OR IS IT)

 In Development
The Extra

A comedy for all the family

A struggling actor who dreams of one day becoming a movie star dispite being acident prone. 

He's been an extra in over 50 movies and has been fired from nearly as many, he tries too hard!

Can he be noticed as an extra and get his first major role if he stops destroying the sets by accident!

 In Development
 In Development
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